G Givenchy Fall Winter 2018

This seasons fall and winter capsule collections reference ancient cultural heritage. A spiritual alignment with animal symbolisms and the craftsmanship’s of both past and present day.


The fall capsule collection leads the season with the Silver Wolf as it’s key power animal reference. An intelligent leader who shows commitment and loyalty. Although representing Earth as the natural element it is more often used to symbolise the Night, Moon and Stars. A warm blooded spirit of wisdom and future hope who’s colour is often referenced in hues of white, grey and red.

Beyond these obvious inspirational cues and product story telling the garment detailing explores more recent space exploration. Crafted trim detailing inspired by actual spacesuits, chromatic lightweight fabrications and resistance technologies help protect us against winters natural elements, keeping us warm and dry. While other sporadical graphics reference the actual exterior of future spacecraft designs.


Continuing on theme winter looks to the Grizzly Bear as its key power animal reference. Known for its power, strength and vision, it is often used to represent Water as an element. As a guardian and protector it represents the bold colour alternatives of both blue and red.

With a desire to build upon the Grizzly Bear as an inspirational starting point, having it represent an activity or object from present day, and belonging within a similar habitat we chose Kayaking for its aggressive nature, and technical skill requirements. Elements of inspiration from traditional kayak wear, seal tight water resistance and durability playing the key role as the protector, along with bold water sport colour referencing, utility and versatility help craft a new tech-centric luxury essential collection through the lens of craft, sports, science and technology.

store ggiv.jpg

Discover G Givenchy latest flagship store in HKRI Taikoo Hui Shanghai, presenting the brand's modern image in all white minimal design, provide ideal backdrop for it's collection.

The store carries a complete offer of Men's ready-to-wear, leather goods, shoes and accessories.