G Givenchy Fall Winter 2019

This season fall and winter capsule collections are driven by their titles aesthetically. Their slogans relate to how the product design process of each capsule collection has been approached. The products themselves continue to have sport references, with product detailing that looks to versatility, craft and contemporary tech-centric luxury. A full offer of essential capsules that look through the lens of craft, sports, science and technology.

Working within the boundaries of how products are worn every day, this capsule offers simple iconic silhouettes with graphic elements. Applications of the G Givenchy sport logo are presented alongside high contrast gradient colour usage.

A capsule collection that celebrates the five year anniversary of G Givenchy. Essential silhouettes with bold typography graphics celebrate the essence of team spirit, long term goals and achievements. A diversity of print techniques are used, including reflective and holographic prints. Each garment comes with an authentic five year anniversary hologram patch label.

A capsule featuring sophisticated thematic graphic story telling, inspired by animal manipulation. Using twisted snakes as the primary direction for prints. Applications include snake inspired laser cut leather patches and rose gold trims for an enriched luxurious finish.

Bridging the gap between sport and luxury with a contemporary combination of retro sport wear and modern tailoring. The switch capsule has been re-engineered from its original context, juxtaposing tech functional yarns with traditional materials. A mix of iconic silhouettes in modern pop color and styling. Designed for outdoor use, rubberised water-repellency plays the role of keeping you dry alongside water resistant zippers and trims.

A capsule with visual impact, featuring nature inspired graphics to echo the festive travel period. An escape from the city out into the wild. The contemporary athleisure silhouettes are embellished with golden beetle trims, embroidered patches and other all over graphic embellishments.

A winter relevant capsule collection inspired by insulation. A hybrid of luxury, technology and contemporary athleisure. The use of reflectivity, glow in the dark and holographic prints, fabrications and yarns create striking visual content. Combined with branded gradient waterproof zippers, and thermo inspired graphic story telling, the design details of this capsule aim at versatility and flexibility during the colder months. These products have all been finished with a unique luxurious metal branded trim.